Just before its big debut this May, exclusive photos are giving us a glimpse of the Z9 GT's mind-blowing interior.

This collaboration between Denza and BYD, with Mercedes-Benz on board, promises next-level tech and design.

We already saw the stylish exterior, but now, get ready for the inside

Befitting a flagship car, the Z9 GT boasts a stunning triple-screen setup. Drivers get a crystal-clear LCD instrument panel, while everyone can enjoy movies or games on the central infotainment screen and the passenger screen.

The elegant beige and brown interior screams luxury, but Denza says you can customize it to your taste.

Look at that gorgeous crystal gear selector! It's like having a jewel on your console, with all the buttons you need within easy reach.

This beast is over 19 feet long and almost 6.5 feet wide! With a long wheelbase, the Z9 GT commands respect on the road.

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