High in the Colorado Rockies, the air is thin, and the challenge immense. Hyundai’s IONIQ 5 N Time Attack models rev their electric engines, ready to conquer Pikes Peak

Our heroes—the IONIQ 5 N TA models—sport aggressive aerodynamics. Massive spoilers, side sills, and fender flares slice through the thin mountain air

On 18-inch forged wheels, wrapped in Yokohama slicks, they hug the curves. Six-piston front brakes and four-piston rear clamps ensure precision stopping

Adjustable dampers fine-tune their ride height and camber

Under the hood, Hyundai engineers have dialed up the power. An extra 37 horsepower extracted from the rear motor in overboost mode. Total output: a staggering 678 horsepower

Safety is paramount. All IONIQ 5 Ns wear a special wrap. Upgraded external speakers emit 120 dB of sound—meeting safety requirements and providing crucial driver feedback

Passion drives us forward. Our electric Pikes Peak racer is just the beginning.