In the year 2025, GMC unveils a beast reborn - the Hummer EV SUV. pen_spark

This electrifying machine isn't your everyday SUV; it's a revolution, a fusion of rugged roots and cutting-edge electric power.

The Hummer EV SUV isn't afraid to get dirty, but it also knows how to clean up nicely.

High-tech features abound, but the highlight is the option to peel back the roof and become one with nature

Premium materials pamper your senses, while the roomy interior ensures everyone can sprawl out in comfort, no matter the journey

But the true magic lies beneath the floor. Here, the advanced electric powertrain awakens the Hummer EV SUV's inner beast

Packed with Ultium batteries, it unleashes impressive range and power. Three electric motors work in concert, sending immense torque to each wheel, making conquering any terrain look easy