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Forget Hollywood, the future of luxury transportation is being built right here in California

Lucid Motors, a new player in the electric vehicle (EV) game, has just unveiled its show-stopping debut - the Lucid Air

This ain't your average electric car. The Lucid Air boasts a whopping 1,080 horsepower, enough to make even the most seasoned gearhead weak in the knees

And that's not all, with a single charge, it can travel a mind-blowing 517 miles

Road trip anyone? Imagine cruising from San Francisco to San Diego on a single charge, leaving those pesky gas stations in the dust

The secret lies in the Lucid Air's massive 113 kWh battery pack, one of the biggest on the market

But performance isn't everything. Step inside the Air's luxurious cabin and prepare to be wowed. Spacious and comfortable, it's like a first-class lounge on wheels.

Tech lovers will drool over the massive 34-inch curved display that dominates the dashboard

The future is electric, and the Lucid Air is leading the charge