Kia Motors is revving up the electric revolution! Their global EV sales for April 2024 surged, with over 17,140 units sold

While overall sales dipped slightly, Kia's EV segment soared, making up nearly 7% of their total sales

This growth reflects Kia's commitment to electric mobility and the increasing demand for eco-friendly cars.

Kia offers a variety of EVs to choose from, catering to different needs and styles

They're confident this momentum will continue with new models like the EV3 and an updated EV6 hitting the road later this year.

Let's dive into the numbers! Kia's EV sales for the first four months of 2024 are impressive, exceeding 61,000 units

a growth of over 70% year-over-year. While there's a slight decline in wholesale shipments for some E-GMP models, the year-to-date total remains strong at over 44,000 units. Here's a closer look

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