Calling all electric car enthusiasts! Kia is about to drop a game-changer: the all-electric EV3! Mark your calendars for the big reveal on May 23rd.

Even with a slowdown in the electric car market, Kia is stepping on the gas with the EV3.

Remember that cool EV3 concept Kia showed off last year? It's graduating from concept to reality! Recent leaks show the production model stays true to the original design with its sharp edges and unique lighting.

There might be some tweaks to the bumpers and wheels, but the overall look is spot on

The EV3 is going global, and the price tag is looking good too! Estimates put it around $32,000, which is already pretty sweet for an electric car. But wait, there's more

If Kia builds the EV3 at their Monterrey plant in Mexico, it might qualify for a federal tax credit in the US. That could bring the starting price down to an incredible $24,500

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