Kia Motors just unveiled its future roadmap, and it's electric! Investors are buzzing after a glimpse of upcoming EVs like the high-performance EV9 GT, setting the stage for a shockingly fast debut in January 2025.

The EV9 GT promises to turn electric SUVs on their head. Kia boasts a mind-blowing 0-62 mph sprint in under 4 seconds, defying expectations for this heavyweight vehicle.

Expect a seriously amped-up dual-motor setup, pushing past the current EV9 GT-Line's impressive specs. But hold on a sec, this power surge might come at a cost.

EVs with more muscle often sacrifice range – the current GT-Line offers 270 miles, and the GT variant might dip lower.

Kia promises a well-rounded driving experience. Upgraded suspension and brakes will ensure the EV9 GT can handle its extra kick with confidence.

Kia's CEO floored everyone with a roadmap packed with future releases and exciting updates.

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