In the year 2025, Kia Motors throws down the gauntlet with the all-new Tasman, a pickup ready to rumble in the midsize truck arena

This beast promises to shake things up with a blend of muscle, smarts, and eco-awareness

Kia packs a punch under the hood with a choice of engines to match your driving spirit. We're talking 2.0L and 2.2L turbo diesels for solid power

with rumors swirling about a mighty 3.0L turbo diesel V6. This kingpin could unleash over 170 horsepower and haul like a champ, all while meeting those strict Euro 6 emission standards

cruiser to off-road warrior, maybe even letting you adjust it for the perfect ride. Inside, the cabin is all about function and comfort

with a user-friendly center console, a classic gear shifter, and a four-wheel drive system that lets you take control in any situation

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