NIO, the electric car company, is expanding its family! They're launching a whole new brand called "Onvo" focused on making electric SUVs perfect for families

Meet the Onvo L60, their first car! It's a smart electric SUV built to redefine what family cars can be.

NIO says every ride with your family should be happy, and the L60 looks designed to deliver

Onvo is all about families. They'll keep launching new models with families in mind, offering a better experience for everyone.

The L60 looks like a sporty family hauler. It has a similar style to NIO's EC6 model, with a sleek, curved back like popular SUVs like the BMW X4 and Tesla Model Y.

But this isn't all about looks! Inside, the L60 is reported to be super roomy, with a big central touchscreen like the one in NIO's ET7.

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