Tesla just made a surprise move, introducing a brand new Model Y variant that's shaking things up in the electric SUV market.

This new addition replaces the previous standard RWD model, offering a major range boost and a price tag that'll make you smile.

Starting at $44,990, the Long-Range RWD undercuts the retired version by a cool $2,000.

Plus, it qualifies for the full federal tax credit, bringing the effective cost down to a sweet $37,130.

The Long-Range RWD boasts an impressive estimated EPA range of 320 miles, a significant jump from its predecessor.

Need a quick boost? All Model Y versions, including the new Long-Range RWD, can charge at up to 250 kW, adding up to 160 miles of range in just 15 minutes.

It's a win for eco-conscious drivers who want a stylish and practical electric SUV without breaking the bank.

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