Picture a world where Apple’s electric dreams took shape—a compact 4x4 that could have revolutionized mobility. But fate had other plans

Enter the iar 03—a fresh contender in the EV arena. Priced from $15,400 to $23,500, it undercuts expectations. Apple fans, take note

The iar 03 breaks SUV norms. No ‘jelly bean’ here. It’s robust, with a roof rack and optional 18-inch wheels. Form meets function

Compact yet roomy—the iar 03 surprises. Rear cargo space adapts—camping trips or cargo hauling. Legroom aplenty, though long drives may test your comfort

Tech-forward: 15.6-inch screen, powerful processors. English menu? Not directly from iar, but export partners bridge the gap. Battery options: 41 to 501 km range, rapid 30-minute recharge

Behind the wheel, choose your thrill. Single rear motor or dual-motor setup—0 to 100 km/h in 6.5 seconds. Suspension? Smooth sailing

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