Against All Odds: Tiny Hippo Makes Miraculous Recovery After Record-Breaking Premature Birth

This heartwarming story tells the tale of Fiona, a precious hippo calf who defied all expectations. Born two months premature at the Cincinnati Zoo, Fiona weighed a mere 29 pounds,

far lighter than any Nile hippo ever recorded. With such a fragile start, her survival seemed unlikely.

But Fiona, a true fighter, proved the experts wrong. The dedicated zoo staff provided Fiona with round-the-clock care, bottle-feeding her, monitoring her health,

and even keeping her company during medical checkups. Adorable photos capture Fiona’s journey: from a weak newborn to a spunky youngster splashing in water.

Though Fiona still requires regular check-ups, her growth is remarkable. Now weighing over 200 pounds, she’s a far cry from her tiny beginnings. While she hasn’t met her parents yet,

Fiona is getting stronger every day, learning to navigate the water and developing her sassy personality. Soon, she’ll be ready to join her family in the outdoor enclosure!

This story is a testament to the incredible work of zoo staff and the resilience of nature.

Fiona’s tale not only warms our hearts but also reminds us of the importance of veterinary care and animal conservation efforts.

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