BYD’s Blade Battery 2.0: EVs About to Break the 1000 Km Barrier

BYD subsidiary Fin Dreams is poised for a major leap forward with the upcoming launch of its second-generation Blade Battery. Expected as early as August 2024, this innovation promises to revolutionize electric vehicle (EV) technology.

Unprecedented Energy Density: The new battery boasts a projected energy density of 190 Wh/kg, a significant increase from the first generation’s 150 Wh/kg. This advancement could enable electric cars to achieve a remarkable 1,000 km range under the CLTC testing standard.

BYD's Blade Battery 2.0: EVs About to Break the 1000 Km Barrier

Safety Remains Paramount: Safety remains a core focus for BYD. The Blade Battery design has aced the nail penetration test, showcasing its resilience compared to conventional batteries prone to combustion under similar conditions.

Beyond Range: Size, Weight, and Cost Reductions: The second-generation Blade Battery goes beyond just increased range. Fin Dreams aims to optimize size, weight, and power consumption, leading to more affordable EVs with improved performance. This aligns with BYD’s goal of making electric vehicles price-competitive with traditional gasoline cars.

Enhanced User Experience: Smaller and lighter battery packs translate to cost savings and create more space within vehicles, improving passenger comfort and utility.

BYD's Blade Battery 2.0: EVs About to Break the 1000 Km Barrier

Innovation and Sustainability: The launch of the second-generation Blade Battery coincides with BYD’s advancements in hybrid technology, exemplified by their new DMI plug-in hybrid system boasting a combined range of nearly 2,000 km. These innovations solidify BYD’s position as a leader in sustainable and efficient automotive technology.

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A New Era in Electric Mobility: With its focus on enhanced performance, safety, affordability, and sustainability, the second-generation Blade Battery has the potential to redefine electric transportation and propel BYD to even greater heights on the global stage.

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