Chinese Automaker Claims First Mass-Produced Solid-State Battery Car

IM Motors, the electric vehicle arm of SAIC Motor Corp, is making a bold claim. Their upcoming L6 sedan could be the world’s first production car with a solid-state battery.

  • IM Motors says the L6 will achieve over 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) of range on a single charge (though adjusted EPA estimates might be closer to 403 miles).
  • The battery is also said to be ultra-fast charging thanks to a new material combination and a high-voltage platform.
  • More technical details on the battery will be revealed on April 8th.

Other Industry News

  • Tesla:
    • CATL will begin supplying battery cells to Tesla’s Nevada battery plant.
  • Nissan:
    • Unveiled an ambitious plan to sell 1 million more vehicles by 2026, with 16 of those being new electric vehicles.
  • US:
    • Facing challenges reducing dependence on China for EV battery materials.
  • Stellantis:
    • Laid off 400 US engineering, technology, and software workers.
  • Honda:
    • Cutting dealer profit margins and reducing free maintenance for customers.
  • McLaren:
    • Now under full control of Bahrain’s sovereign wealth fund, potentially aiding development of electric vehicles.
  • Jeep:
    • Showcased unique concept vehicles for the Easter Jeep Safari.

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