Deer Finally Free After Two Years With Tire Around Neck

Finally, some good news for wildlife! After two long years, an elusive elk roaming the Colorado hills with a car tire stuck around its neck has been successfully rescued.

Wildlife officials had spotted the elk on numerous occasions over the past two years and even made previous attempts to capture it. However, the elk proved to be quite the escape artist, evading them until recently.

Thankfully, officers were finally able to use tranquilizers to safely sedate the elk. They then carefully removed the tire, which had become embedded with mud and debris, significantly hindering the animal’s movements.

While they would have preferred to cut the tire and leave the elk’s antlers intact for breeding season, the situation required immediate action. Thankfully, the rescue was successful, and the elk is now free from the heavy burden it had carried for far too long.

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife department shared the heartwarming news and video of the rescue on social media, highlighting the dedication of wildlife officers and the importance of protecting our animal friends.

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