From Loss to Hope: Rhino Owner Finds Solace in Unexpected Birth

Thandi, a female rhino living at the Kariega Game Reserve in South Africa, is no ordinary survivor. Nearly three years ago, she endured a brutal poaching attack that tragically claimed the lives of two male rhinos. However, Thandi defied all odds and not only survived but became a symbol of hope with the birth of her calf.

This story, though the beginning may be difficult to watch for some, follows Thandi’s incredible journey. It showcases the dedication of her brave rescuers and the remarkable resilience of this magnificent creature. Witnessing the heartwarming reunion between Thandi and her “miracle baby” is truly a sight to behold.

Thandi’s home, the Kariega Game Reserve, is a vast and beautiful piece of land spanning 10,000 hectares. This family-run sanctuary provides a safe haven for Thandi and other animals like zebras, giraffes, and hippos.

But Thandi’s story doesn’t end there. In the years since giving birth to her first calf, she has become a mother to two more! Thandi’s journey is a testament to the power of survival and the enduring spirit of these remarkable animals.

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