GDLS Revolutionizes Air Defense with TRX Tech – Breaking News

General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS) unveils the groundbreaking TRX SHORAD, a robotic short-range air defense system based on the modular Tracked Robot 10-ton (TRX) technology demonstrator.

The TRX variant, showcased for the first time at the Global Force Symposium & Exposition, marks a new milestone in Land Systems’ counter-Uncrewed Aerial Systems (c-UAS) family.

The modular TRX technology demonstrator aligns with army objectives for a Robotic Combat Vehicle, and the TRX SHORAD introduces a new dimension of combat power to SHORAD battalions, offering autonomy within a tiered, layered air defense.

With a flatbed design boasting a class-leading payload-to-chassis ratio of 1:1, the TRX maneuvers at speed in all formations, making it transportable on CH-47 and C-130 aircraft. Additionally, it contributes exportable power to support mission command operations and is hybrid-electric in line with the army’s climate and electrification strategy.

As part of the Robotic Combat Vehicle-Medium (RCV-M) class, the TRX embodies innovative features, from its AI-enhanced design to advanced lightweight materials and a hybrid-electric propulsion system.

The TRX sets a new benchmark for payload capacity, accommodating any mission equipment package, making it an ideal platform for multi-role MUM-T on today’s battlefield.

The power and size of the TRX position it as a superior performer in various critical battlefield roles, including direct and indirect fire, autonomous resupply, complex obstacle breaching, counter-unmanned aerial systems (C-UAS), electronic warfare (EW), reconnaissance, and other battlefield missions.

The TRX emerges as an enabling technology with vast potential, contributing to the modernization and effectiveness of military operations on the battlefield.

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