Heartwarming Rescue: Loggerhead Turtle Freed from 100 Barnacles, 8-Pound Weight

The dedicated team at the Turtle Hospital in Marathon, Florida, is renowned for their incredible work rehabilitating sick and injured sea turtles and returning them to the ocean. They face all sorts of challenges in their mission, and their recent patients, Sarenada and Dorothy, showcase the range of care they provide.

Sarenada’s Fight for Recovery:

Sarenada, a Loggerhead turtle, arrived at the hospital in rough shape. Covered in over 100 barnacles, weighing a staggering 8 pounds more than usual, and suffering from stomach issues, Sarenada faced a significant fight for recovery. The team meticulously removed the barnacles, a delicate process involving screwdrivers, paint scrapers, and freshwater to loosen their grip. Despite being the clinic’s most critical patient, Sarenada’s fight for life sparked optimism among the staff. “The chances are good, but nothing is 100%,” they shared. “He has a long road to recovery, we’ll give him everything we possibly can and hope for the best.”

Dorothy’s Journey Back to the Ocean:

Meanwhile, the hospital prepares for another heartwarming occasion – Dorothy’s release! This 110-pound Loggerhead, discovered last July unable to dive, has undergone extensive treatment. Dorothy’s journey involved battling infection, high glucose, and an impaction. The dedicated team administered antibiotics, lactulose, vitamins, and a healthy diet, all contributing to her recovery. “Dorothy is back to good health and ready to return to her ocean home!” the hospital announced, inviting the community to celebrate her release.

Not Every Story Ends in Release:

The hospital’s work isn’t always met with success stories. Bender, a Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle rescued in 2005, serves as a reminder of the challenges they face. Entangled fishing line caused severe damage to her front flipper, and a boat strike left her unable to maintain proper buoyancy in the wild.

Sadly, these injuries meant Bender wouldn’t be able to survive on her own. However, the hospital team wouldn’t give up on her. They fitted Bender with a special weight on her shell, allowing her to dive and swim effectively despite her disability. Today, Bender thrives in her permanent home at the hospital, a testament to the team’s unwavering dedication to these incredible creatures.

The Turtle Hospital’s work extends beyond caring for individual turtles. They actively educate the public through their YouTube channel and encourage support through donations. Their tireless efforts offer hope for the future of sea turtles, reminding us of the importance of protecting these magnificent animals and their ocean home.

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