Kia Revs Up Electric Push with Global Reveal of EV5

Kia isn’t hitting the brakes on electric vehicles! Fresh off the sporty EV6 and three-row EV9 SUVs, Kia has unveiled the global version of the EV5. This new electric crossover is expected to hit US shores as a 2025 model.

Sizing Up the EV5

Imagine a sweet spot between the compact Kia Sportage and the midsize Kia Sorento. That’s where the EV5 is likely to land size-wise. Expect it to showcase Kia’s latest electric vehicle tech, with a focus on performance, range, and charging.

Kia Revs Up Electric Push with Global Reveal of EV5

Power, Speed, and Juice

Kia is keeping details under wraps for now, but we expect a variety of powertrain options. A rear-wheel-drive setup with a single motor might be standard, with an all-wheel-drive dual-motor system a strong possibility.

Battery options are also likely to vary, with a smaller pack for affordability and a larger one for more power and range. Speaking of range, estimates suggest somewhere between 230 and potentially over 300 miles on a single charge. And like its cousin the EV6, the EV5 should be able to recharge impressively fast.

Kia Revs Up Electric Push with Global Reveal of EV5

High-Tech Interior with a Twist

The concept EV5 had some wild features, like fancy doors, a unique steering wheel, and even a tiny plant garden! The global production model is more toned down, but it still boasts a high-tech interior.

Think big screens dominating the dashboard instead of a button overload. Plus, the EV5 appears to have a padded area between the front seats, hinting at a possible bench seat in the back. There’s also a unique cargo floor hinge that folds up to create a tall shelf.

Kia Revs Up Electric Push with Global Reveal of EV5

Availability and Price Tag

Look for the Kia EV5 to arrive in US showrooms sometime in 2025. Pricing should be similar to the EV6, which starts just over $50,000 and tops out around $63,000. So, stay tuned for more details on this exciting new electric offering from Kia.

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