Maximizing the Benefits of the Ladli Scheme

The Ladli Scheme(ladli yojana), introduced to empower girls and ensure their well-being, stands as a cornerstone in fostering gender equality and financial security. Through this initiative, the government extends financial assistance to families, thereby encouraging the birth and upbringing of girls with dignity and respect.

Key Benefits of the Ladli Scheme

Objectives –

  1. To empower the girl child socially and economically.
  2. To promote birth registration of girl child.
  3. To control female foeticide and to improve the sex ratio.
  4. To end discrimination against the girl child.
  5. To promote education among girls and reduce the school drop-out rate of girl students.
  6. To provide security to girl students for their higher education.

Financial Assistance at Birth

Upon the birth of a girl child, families enrolled in the Ladli Scheme receive financial aid, facilitating the initial expenses associated with childbirth and early childcare. This support not only alleviates immediate financial burdens but also instills a sense of security for the child’s future.

Conditional Grants for Education

Maximizing the Benefits of the Ladli Scheme

An integral aspect of the Ladli Scheme is the provision of conditional grants for education. As the girl child progresses through her academic journey, she becomes eligible for further financial assistance, incentivizing families to prioritize her education. These grants serve as a catalyst for educational attainment, empowering girls to pursue their aspirations and contribute meaningfully to society.

Lump Sum Payment at Maturity

Upon reaching the age of 18, the beneficiary of the Ladli Scheme receives a lump sum payment, symbolizing a significant milestone in her life journey. This financial corpus equips her with the resources to pursue higher education, start a business, or invest in her personal development, thereby fostering economic independence and self-reliance.

Insurance Coverage

In addition to financial assistance, the Ladli Scheme offers insurance coverage to safeguard the health and well-being of the beneficiaries. This comprehensive coverage ensures access to quality healthcare services, mitigating the financial risks associated with medical emergencies and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Eligibility Criteria for the ladli yojana

Residence Status

To qualify for the Ladli Scheme, families must be residents of the designated area where the scheme is implemented. Proof of residence is required to verify eligibility and facilitate enrollment in the program.

Income Criteria

The Ladli Scheme targets families from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, ensuring that financial assistance reaches those who need it the most. Eligibility is determined based on predetermined income thresholds, with priority given to households facing financial hardships.

Maximizing the Benefits of the Ladli Scheme

Girl Child Registration

Enrollment in the Ladli Scheme necessitates the registration of the girl child at the time of birth. This registration process entails providing relevant documents and details to the concerned authorities, facilitating seamless inclusion in the program.

Benefits of ladli yojna

Financial assistance is provided in the form of term deposits sanctioned at the following stages:

Stage of Financial Assistance Amount (in ₹)

1. For Institutional Delivery: 11,000/- (provided the girl is born in the last year)

2. For Delivery at Home: 10,000/- (provided the girl is born in the last year)

3. On admission in Class 1st: 5,000/-

4. On admission in Class 6th: 5,000/-

5. On admission in Class 9th: 5,000/-

6. On passing Class 10th: 5,000/-

7. On admission in Class 12th: 5,000/-

The maturity amount at the end of the lock-in period will vary depending on the stage at which each girl child enters the scheme and registers under it.

Application process

The prescribed application form can be obtained from the respective District Women and Child Development Officer, WCD, Govt. of Delhi, or from the Govt. Recognized Schools. Delhi Ladli Yojna Application Form can even be downloaded in PDF format through the link given here –

The applicant can submit the duly filled and signed application form along with the required documents to the concerned District Office. In the case of the school-going girl within 90 days of admission of the girl and in the case of newly born girls within a year of the birth, the form must be submitted.

Documents requrements for ladli scheme

Three years of residence proof in Delhi prior to registration.Income Certificate/Affidavit showing the annual income of the family.Birth certificate of the girl child issued by the Registrar of MCD/NDMC.Group photo of parents with the girl child.Caste certificate in case of SC/ST/OBC.Copy of the Aadhar Card of the parents and the child, if available.


The Ladli Scheme stands as a beacon of hope, empowering girl children and fostering their holistic development. By providing financial assistance, conditional grants for education, and insurance coverage, the scheme paves the way for a brighter and more inclusive future.

Embracing the principles of equality and empowerment, the Ladli Scheme embodies the collective effort towards building a society where every girl child can thrive and fulfill her potential.

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