Shocking Truth! Revealed: How to DOUBLE Your Electric Car’s Range

The weather can be a nightmare, but it doesn’t have to kill your electric car’s range. Here are Electrified’s top hacks in partnership with Nissan:

  • Precondition your car: Plug in at home and remotely warm up the battery and cabin before you leave. This saves energy on heating while driving. The NissanConnect app lets you schedule this!
  • Heat yourself, not the car: Electric cars don’t generate much heat. Use heated seats and steering wheel instead of cranking up the heater.
  • Stay cool efficiently: Don’t blast the AC. Park in the shade and use sunshades. Keep the temperature comfortable, not arctic.
  • Master the driving modes: Eco mode optimizes battery usage for longer range. Nissan Leaf offers Normal, Sport, and Snow modes too!
  • Plan your route for efficiency: The NissanConnect app and car’s navigation can suggest Eco routes that save battery with shorter distances and lower speeds. Scenic detours can be a bonus!
  • Avoid unnecessary charging stops: By combining these tips, you might need to charge less often on long journeys. This can be especially helpful with kids or bad weather.

Bonus Tip: Pack strategically! Wet clothes in the trunk prevent fogging and keep the car smelling fresh.

Ready to conquer any weather and maximize your electric car’s range? Go forth and electrify!

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