Nio Begins Production of Powerful New Electric Drive System

Nio, a leading Chinese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, announced a significant milestone today. The company has begun mass production of its next-generation electric drive system, the 900-volt Electric Drive System (EDS) called Thunder.

This achievement coincides with the production of Nio’s 1 millionth vehicle, the Neo Z.

Nio Begins Production of Powerful New Electric Drive System

Key Highlights

  • Lighter and Smaller: The system integrates electric motors in the front and rear axles, resulting in a 30% weight reduction and a 280mm decrease in longitudinal size. This translates to improved energy efficiency and increased cabin space.
  • World-First Motors:
    • The Nio ET9, the first car to use the Thunder EDS, boasts the world’s first 925V hairpin synchronous permanent magnet electric motor with a peak power output of 340 kW and a weight of only 79 kg, achieving a power density of 4.3 kW/kg.
    • The front axle utilizes an asynchronous induction motor with a peak power of 180 kW and a power density of 2.6 kW/kg, which Nio claims is the highest among such motors globally.
Nio Begins Production of Powerful New Electric Drive System
  • Advanced Power Electronics: The 900V Thunder EDS features a 1200V silicon carbide power module with a power density of 1,315 kW/liter and a lifespan exceeding 300,000 power cycles. It also incorporates continuous wave winding technology for efficient power delivery.
  • Enhanced Cooling: A revised liquid cooling system is implemented to boost the motor’s peak continuous power by 30%.

The Nio ET9: A Flagship with Cutting-Edge Tech

The Nio ET9, scheduled for a 2025 launch in China, is the first vehicle to leverage the Thunder EDS. This flagship fastback boasts impressive specifications:

  • Dimensions: 5,340mm x 2,050mm x 1,615mm
  • Wheelbase: 3,250mm
  • Battery: 120 kWh
  • Combined peak power output: 520 kW (697 horsepower)
  • Seating capacity: Four
  • Active suspension

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Nio’s Future and Market Challenges

While Nio celebrates this technological advancement, the company recently faced a setback. They revised their Q1 2024 delivery projections down to 30,000 vehicles, compared to the earlier outlook of 31,000-33,000. This comes amidst heightened competition in the ever-growing EV market, particularly in China with local players like Xpeng and BYD, alongside established rivals like Tesla.

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