Phone in Your Hand, Car in Your Driveway: Xiaomi’s ALL-IN-ONE Electric Vehicle is HERE

Xiaomi, the world’s leading phone maker, has taken a bold step into the electric vehicle (EV) market with the launch of its SU7. This news article offers a first look at the car based on a media test drive conducted in March 2024.

Phone in Your Hand, Car in Your Driveway: Xiaomi's ALL-IN-ONE Electric Vehicle is HERE

Key takeaways you love those

  • Solid Performance: Despite being a first attempt, the SU7 delivers a smooth and refined driving experience, comparable to established EV leaders.
  • Impressive Technology: Integration with Xiaomi’s ecosystem is a major strength, offering seamless phone connectivity, infotainment mirroring, and potential for smart home control.
  • Questionable Originality: The design borrows heavily from established brands, particularly Porsche in the steering wheel design.
Phone in Your Hand, Car in Your Driveway: Xiaomi's ALL-IN-ONE Electric Vehicle is HERE
  • Competitive Price Point: The base model is expected to start around $30,000, making it a potentially strong competitor in the EV market.
  • Room for Improvement: Assisted driving features and lack of design originality are areas for improvement in future iterations.

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this car starts at $30,000 and this car we see here today is $42,000 some people could forgive it for being that similar to Porsche because of the pricing but I think it should be its own thing it’s the xiaomi car it’s the first car in the world made by a phone company it’s already World leading in connectivity and has its own ideas for ecosystem and it’s so solid just being a car it should not be a cut price replacement on an imitation of anything let’s hope the xiaomi car can find its own identity in its second iteration.


Overall, the SU7 marks a promising entry for Xiaomi in the EV market. It offers a compelling package of performance, technology, and affordability. However, the car’s derivative design might raise concerns for some consumers.

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